The Chief Ladiga Cruise Ride is THIS Sunday!  The weather looks like we custom-ordered the perfect day of's going to be a beautiful day in and around Jacksonville!  If you haven't registered, it's not too late.  Online registration ends at midnight CT Friday, May 13.  Go to now to register.  Do the entire 50 miles of the Cruise Ride and get this cool 50 Miler patch! The large sinkhole that formed just north of Weaver but in the Jacksonville section of the trail is currently being repaired.  I don't have a specific timeline of when it will be finished.  It looks like it will be a slow process, but the City of Jacksonville is working hard to get it repaired as soon as possible!  Updates will continue! Piedmont has completed the bridge repair, and the ride accross the old, wooden bridges is so much smoother now.  All portions of the trail, other than the sinkhole area, are now open. Summer is here, and the trail is in great shape!  Bring friends and family and enjoy the 33.5 miles of the Chief Ladiga Trail.  Check out the link to lodging and dining and plan an awesome get-away today!